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Me in a Nut Shell

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Ferguson, E Date Feburary 2009
Title: A toxometric analysis of health anxiety
Journal title; Psychological medicine

This article is a research article about anxiety using the taxometric procedures. The study was conducted with 711 working adults with different degrees of anxiety to ones that do not suffer from anxiety. Some had medical treatment while others did not. The study also shows that people with healthy anxiety will show dimensional and not categorical construct. The study goes on to say that healthy anxiety shows fears and worries when it comes to ones health and the health of their loved ones. Also people in this classification also had symptoms of depression. The study goes on to talk about the symptoms of the one who receive treatment verses the ones who do not and the way the brain responds to stressors and anxiety symptoms differ. The ones not receiving treatment have higher health anxiety levels in the brain.

This article is about tests and studys to the way the brain responds to all the different types of anxiety on people who do suffer from the illness and ones who dont. This article also talks about how healthy anxiety effects each and everyone of us and to what degree the effects are. The author goes on to talk about the different tests and the outcome of these tests on all who was prestent for the testing. This study shows that a lot of the people who did the study had depression a an under lying illness. To some degree there may be an under lying illness when it comes to someone having anxiety. Others who suffer with anxiety also have PTSD as a...

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