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Effects of Mass Media
Courtney Elliott
May 18, 2015
Amy May

Effects of Mass Media Throughout the last century mass media has played many parts in shaping the American culture. There have been several advances in technology with the way we communicate with others all across the world. We are no longer limited to certain areas or ways in which we can send messages or even a simple phone call. With the help of radio, television, satellites, and newspapers we can now communicate across the world to help spread news faster and even make purchases from countries on the other side of the planet. This makes for a more fast paced society, meaning we no longer have the patience for waiting for information or products to purchase. Many think that with these advances we have forgotten the simple pleasures in life and are more prone to health problems associated with higher demands that cause more stress. The first developments were the newspaper and radio, which began to improve during the World Wars in 1940’s. Newspapers started to increase their target audience by spreading the area in which they sold their papers to the public. Larger areas were able to receive the paper to have access to the events and news going on around them instead of just a small area which was around the printing houses for the paper. Radio was of huge importance during the Wars. Many families would sit around the radio to hear live broadcasts about the war over seas. There were many times in which the radio was the only way to receive the facts and updates about the war and the emergency steps needed to protect the country were sent out over the airwaves for all citizens to hear. Television was the next to develop. Several people can remember when the television was only in black and white, now we have color and flat screens. We can now get access to new feeds and reports from...

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