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Me3330 Project 1 Static Design

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ME3330 Project 1 Static Design

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The sketch below shows a forklift truck negotiating a 15° ramp onto a 4 ft high loading platform. The truck and product it is carrying weighs 5000 lbf and it has a 42 inch wheel base (distance between front and rear tires). When loaded, the center of gravity of the truck is 32 inches from the front tire and 10 inches from the back tire.
Design two steel or aluminum ramps that are wide enough to accommodate the tire width which is 6 inches. Allow for extra width space on each side of the tire on each ramp. Assume static loading with a safety factor of 2 when the load is at the "worst" spot on the ramp which causes a maximum bending moment.

Minimize the ramp weight by using a sensible cross section geometry. Use steel or aluminum for the material. Assume the ramps can be made of any steel or aluminum in your handout table. Aluminum would be better, lighter. choice.

Take a look at channel sections for steel and aluminum which you can find in The Engineering Toolbox: 1327.html 1321.html

• Mar 9 Problem solution steps outline
• Mar 16 Most calculations done (there is no class)
• Mar 23 Hand in project report. Must be written up with problem statement, goals, all calculations shown, V & M diagrams, references used. Use a word processor (equations may be written in by hand).

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