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Alhamdulillah, first of all we would like to thank to Allah S.W.T for give us strength and spirit to finish our project that have been given by our Business Ethics and Corporate Governance’s lecturer, Miss Siti Aisyah binti Basri. This project could not be done if it was not for our effort, commitment and our corporation to one another as group members even though we had faced some obstacle. Fortunately, the entire problem been solved and we would able to adapt properly and wisely.

Besides that, we would like to thank to our Business Ethics and Corporate Governance’s lecturer, Miss Siti Aisyah binti Basri because without his guidance, our project cannot be done properly like this. She always gives us supports and guide to us on how to do our project in order to produce a good result we can’t say thank you enough for his tremendous support and help. We feel motivated and encouraged every time we attended his meeting. Without her encouragement and guidance this project would not have materialized.

Finally, thanks to our beloved friend that always stick together and also work hard to produce a good report with all effort and responsibility. The guidance and support received from my friends who contributed and who are contributing to this project, was vital for the success of this project. We would also like to thank to our family because of the support that they give us from the beginning until the completion of this project.

SYNOPSIS Once upon a time, a baby was born named as Snow White in a kingdom. Her mother died after delivered her. Then, the king looks after her until he realizes that some of things that he cannot teach Snow White that why she must need a mother. The king decides to married a new queen. One day, the king goes into the jungle and he never appeared again. The queen preserves Snow white. When Snow White age eighteen years old, she realize that the queen has violated the power where the queen has spend public money by imposing higher taxes. Then, Snow White has rights to save her kingdom after knowing the real situation. In the same time, Prince Alcott appears for married the queen replace the king. However, it changes after he meet Snow White. With help by seven dwarfs, Snow White attacks the wedding and saved Prince Alcott. The queen send the beast to kill Snow White but it can be defeated by Snow White and the true identities of the beast is actually her own father that being cursed by the queen. Lastly, the queen died after magic defeated by Snow White and Snow White married with Prince Alcott and live happily ever after.

The Queen – She wants to dominate the kingdom without mercy for her self-interest
Snow White – She wants back her father’s kingdom from her step mother
Prince Alcott – He has a kingdom, properties and soldiers.
Seven dwarfs – they have no works and become thieves because new queen dissipate them.
The King – He wants to educate her children as others who have parents

MAIN VILLAIN - The Queen (Julia Roberts)

THE HEROINE - Snow White (Lily Collins)

ETHICAL DILLEMAS OF THE VILLIAN Whether she wants to kill Snow White or not because if she kills Snow White, she will face the risk from using dark magic and if she do not kill Snow White, she will lost Prince Alcott and the kingdom.

ETHICAL DILEMMAS OF THE HEROINE Whether she wants to sneak out or not from the palace without permission from the Queen to look what really happen to the villagers.

There are many issues in Mirror Mirror movie. The firs issue in this movie is the queen plan to murder all descendants of the kingdom such as the king and Snow White for conquer the kingdom with cruel way. After the queen married to the king, they wear a pair of necklaces that already had a black magic made by the queen without the knowledge of the king. All the actions are controlled by the syaithaniyya queen until one day she ask the king to go into the jungle. The king complies with the order of the queen until him willing to leave his beloved child. Then, the king is not appeared anymore. Actually the king had already become a fierce beast. Beside that, the queen asks the servant to kill Snow White after she knows Snow White having an affair to the prince. At the same time, the servant was obliged by the king and he let her in the middle of the jungle. The queen action is not ethical. Roughly, to get the throne we not suppose to murder people who are not fault. There are other ways to get the throne by good way such as govern the kingdom together with the king which is her husband. The second issue is the seven dwarfs become thieves after the king married to the heartless queen because the queen banishes them from the kingdom. Before they become thieves, all of them have their own work such as teacher, butcher and pub owner. However, after they are already banishment from the kingdom the only work that they can do is robbed. They rob all the money, staff and food of the people who pass by the forest like they rob all the money that the servants collect from villagers. Besides that, they also steal Prince Alcott’s food, money and also his cloth when Prince Alcott on his way to the queen’s kingdom. The seven dwarfs’ action is not ethical because they stole property from innocent people. Supposedly they should fair to others and try to find other job which is more ethical.


The queen who is the villain tries to take over the kingdom from The King and Snow White. She uses the cruel action to conquer the kingdom such as wants to kill Snow White, impose higher taxes towards villagers and banish the dwarfs from the kingdom. For positive result, The Queen will get all the wealth, power of the kingdom and the kingdom itself. Besides that, Snow White get the knowledge how to use weapon for protect herself and the kingdom from the queen. For positive non ethical result, Snow White becomes more matured after she knows how cruel the Queen governs the kingdom. She tries to get out from the palace to see the real life of the villagers after ten years the Queen take over the kingdom. Furthermore, Snow White feel happy after she get back the kingdom, safe the father, The King from dark magic and married with charming prince, Prince Alcott. For negative result, Snow White almost killed by the servant that instruct by The Queen in the middle forest. Then, her father also becomes a beast in the forest after getting dark magic from The Queen. Same goes to Prince Alcott, he almost married the Queen after drink a poison drink given by The Queen. For negative non ethical result, the action that The Queen do to everyone finally replies where she become old and died in a horrible way. Other than that, Snow White become unhappy and frustrated towards the action taken by The Queen which is related to the movie The Queen imposed higher taxes to the poor villagers and use it for herself interest. Furthermore, the servants and the villagers are feeling unhappy and not satisfied with the queen action. In conclusion the action taken by the Queen is not ethical.


Snow White who is the heroine tries to uphold justice in property distributive and protect her father’s kingdom from The Queen with the help from Prince Alcott and seven dwarfs. For universalizability, if other person is at Snow White’s position, they will act or makes same decision towards the queen. She kills The Queen by cut off the necklace wearing by the beast which will make The Queen become old and weak. At the last of the story, she succeeded in killing the queen by giving back the poison apple to The Queen which results of her dead. For respect for rational beings, Snow White gives The Queen warning to give back the right of the villagers and be benevolence queen shows that Snow White treated The Queen with dignity and not for self interest. For autonomy, in this situation, Snow White has capacity to continue to fight or gives warning to The Queen. It’s like John Rawl’s Veil of Ignorance where is Snow White ignoring her status as heir to the throne to protect the villagers. In conclusion, Snow White decision is ethical because she fulfill all criteria of the deontological theories.



If we in the villain shoes, the ethical actions based on the Golden Rule that we would have taken are govern the kingdom together with the king and comply with the king’s decisions. As a result, the king will trust her and the kingdom become peaceful without cleavage. Besides that, take care Snow White as her own child and become a loving mother as a biological mother. Hence, Snow White will respect her as her own mother and trust her as a queen. Then, give a right instructions to the servant which will make the servants salute her and obey all her instructions. Lastly, take care and protect the right of the villagers such as do not use their money for her interest and always concerned about villagers’ benevolence. As a result, the villagers will love her and royal to the King and the Queen of the kingdom.


The feelings of remorse that we would feel as the villain are regret when using dark magic to be the most beautiful woman in the world and conquer the kingdom from the king. However, the dark magic that she apply to certain people like Prince Alcott, The King, and the servants finally return to her back. In addition, we will shame to the family for misappropriate the trust given by them which are the king and Snow White. As the queen, she should know her status as new family member that she must show the good attitude as the queen. We will feel guilty because have an intention to kill the Snow White in the middle of forest by the servants for reasons that are not reasonable. Supposedly, she as a queen must been ethical in the way of she govern the kingdom.


From this Mirror Mirror movie, there are a lot of moral that we can make it as a lesson in our daily life. First is we cannot be a greedy person. Related to the movie, The Queen is so greedy until she did not realize that she becomes too cruel like syaithaniyya. She takes all the property and imposes high rate tax to the villagers until they become poor and starving. This attitude also applies when she wants to take over the kingdom from the king even though she can govern the kingdom together with the king. From here we cannot get any benefit for long term period from this attitude otherwise it will make you suffer in the real life.

Second lesson that we can get from this movie is do not being a thief as a shortcut to get money. Based on the movie, we can look at seven dwarfs like to rob all the people who pass by the forest such as they rob the servant and Prince Alcott. Actually, they desperate to rob for survive their life after being banished by the queen from the kingdom. Thus, we must search other alternative to get money in a good way even though in a hard time.

Thirdly, we must use our aql to make a decision. In this movie, we can relate to Snow White that she takes a right decision when she decides to look by herself the real life of the villagers after ten years The Queen throne the kingdom where at there she realize that she need to take an action to change the villagers back to normal.

Next is do not use dark magic for jealousy to other people. As mentioned before, the Queen uses the dark magic to conquer the kingdom and to married a young prince. However, the dark magic had already affected her self where is she becomes old and weak until she died in Snow White’s wedding. Dark magic also makes innocent people become suffering hence we cannot use dark magic in the real life because it will cause more burdens than benefit.

Lastly, do not easily believe to any people even though to our own family. We can see in the movie that the King easily married the Queen before knowing the true attitude of the Queen. He just chooses her because in physically she was the most beautiful woman in the world. However, it is only the dark magic to cover her real old wrinkle face. From this situation we must properly search the background of the people that we want to trust.

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