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November 11, 2015
The health care system needed some structure. Needed to speak the same language and have a common goal, “the Patient.” The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) invested a large amount of money for promotion and use of the informatics technology. Today Medicare and Medicaid are following the same footsteps. They are awarding incentives for the use of Electronic Health Records. However, what is the urgency? Why are they even willing to penalize the non-participant? Patient safety is the answer. The meaningful use was created seeking the quality of care safety and reduction of disparity. The meaningful use wants patient information to be electronically documented in a database system that interconnects to any other health database regardless geographical location. Meaningful use recognizes that making such a drastic change from paper to electronic documentation is very costly.
There are many Issues still present that prevent some institutions from implementing EHR. One of these issues is the financial part that entails. It cost too much to implement EHR’s this is the voice of hundreds of owners of health institutions. Removing the old system from every floor, every station and every office is very costly. On top of that having the employers and employees train on how to use the EHR system is also very absorbent. Acquiring the program itself, is very expensive. These issues have created a prevailing thought among healthcare business owners. “Let’s wait and see what happens.” Somehow they are skeptical. Others health care owners are opting for closing down because implementing EHR’s will absorb a big part of their small income. Others waited to see if this was just a...

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