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Dear grandchild, My concept of love when I was about your age was like a “fantasy”. Reading books, poetry, and watching movies and television shows, I thought love just fell into place and had that happy ending. Now that I am older, I have experience and a more understanding of what love is. Love is not always about romance. Yea, you desire and feel attraction to that person but it is more than that. Later in life when you have a family, there will be different types of ways you can love them. There is also responsibility that comes with that. Love is not always a happy feeling or ending either. Love for the wrong reasons can hurt you just as much as it can make you happy. Love is expectations, the desire to learn and make sacrifices for that person, and understand the different ways love can affect and harm you. I am sure you know the book about Cinderella and the magic slipper. Where the Prince spent a night at the ball with the young pretty girl that was transformed by a fairy. Cinderella had to be back before midnight, if not than she would return back to an ugly maid for her step sisters. She ran as quickly as she can to get back and the slipper that she was wearing fell off. The Prince had every girl in that village try on that slipper so he can one day meet her again. When he finally found her she wasn’t the same pretty girl that night at the ball but an ugly maid. The Prince didn’t care because the connection they had that night made him love her for how she made him feel. This being a fantasy, there was the happy ending. The Prince loved Cinderella so much that after one night at the ball and an unexpected ending, the Prince went through a lot of trouble in order to see her again. Many fantasy stories, fantasy books, and what the media portrays on fantasy television and movies have that same concept about love. Meet, fall in love, and...

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