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"Some healthy fruits and veggies you can feed your zebra finches are broccoli, corn, spinach, carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, kale, yams; bananas, apples, peaches, apricots, pears, watermelon, and grapes. You can either cut up fruits and veggies into tiny pieces or serve clipped to the cage, for example, a broccoli floret. Make sure all food is fresh and thoroughly wash all raw food before serving to your finches. Finches can also eat hard-boiled eggs (you can remove and crush the egg shells and feed those to your finches for calcium), brown rice, cooked oatmeal, cooked rice and cooked pasta. Don't keep any food out for too long, especially eggs, as they will spoil.

Avoid feeding your zebra finches any apple cores, the pits or seeds of any fruits, avocado, chocolate, caffeine, high-salt foods, rhubarb, onions, and mushrooms. Those foods are toxic to zebra finches."

Zebra Finch FeedZebra finches are seed eaters. They primarily feed on grass seeds. Various variety of millet is their staple food. Zebra finches are typically found in scattered bushes and trees. But they are now adaptable to human surroundings and are loved as pet birds. They need to be provided with proper feed that includes balanced diet and fresh water. Some feeds are described here that are useful for bird.Seeds:Zebra finch feed comprises of a good quality finch seed mix. This should not be the sole diet provided to finches. The seed provided should be well sprouted. If seeds are not sprouted they are too old to feed. Millet sprays are the favorite diet for many finches. But it should be given rarely. Sprouted seeds are an excellent way to boost nutrition. They should be fed as they begin to sprout.Green and fresh foodA variety of fresh food should be provided to zebra finches. Green food includes romaine lettuce, dandelion green, kale and spinach in moderation. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be too included in their feed. Keep on experimenting on a variety of feed as finches take time to like any particular new feed. The serving sizes of these feed should be small.PelletsPellets are served as an excellent balanced diet for zebra finches feed. The pellet should be of good quality that is especially made for finches. Finches will take time to eat pellet at instance, but once they like it, it turns to be the favorite treat.Egg foodApart from seeds, vegetable and fruits zebra finches feed includes egg food too. Egg food is a supplement that is important for breeding birds but that can be fed in moderation to non breeders as well. Commercially prepared egg food supplements are available at stores or one can make it at home too.Cuttlebone and gritFor the healthy growth of finches, supply of calcium is very necessary in their diet. Calcium supplement is recommended and so a cuttlebone is an easy way to add calcium to the diet. Crushed oysters shells or eggshells also serve as a rich calcium diet (heat thoroughly before crushing to prevent salmonella contamination).Grit is not widely accepted by most of avian veterinarians. Eating grit can lead to various health issues in zebra finches. If grit is given to the finches, offer a few granules at a time and at infrequent intervals.Zebra finches are chaotic and hungry eaters, typically dropping seed everywhere. This behavior | |

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