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Brand Name: Group Members: Meat One Nabeel Yousaf Faiza Zafar Hirah Rehman Khan Kanza Faiz Mariam Siddiqui Muhammad Waqas Rehman Grade (out of 10)


Overall Impressions As A Client As a client, I think that you put a good effort into the preparation of this brand assessment. You covered a majority of the areas that were expected and showed that had a good grasp of the market position and vision of the company. I would have liked to see more of an analysis of the competitors in the market to Meat One. While I understand K&N’s being a competitor, why would you consider Makro and Metro Cash & Carry without looking at The Meat Shop (Zamzama) and local butchers that are available at everyone’s doorsteps? This makes me wonder why you would limit the competition. Strengths of the Assessment • • Well researched Properly defined brand characteristics and potential value for “consumers”

Weaknesses of the Assessment I think that you needed to cover a few things that are missing in the brand assessment: • What about price points? Understanding that Meat One is significantly higher than most of its competitors, why would I consider going to them? If you look at K&N’s, who you listed as a competitor, the price difference on chicken products are significantly different. What about availability? K&N’s is available at any store in Pakistan, whereas Meat One can only be purchased at a Meat One outlet. How much does that affect the brand perception? Metro Cash & Carry and Makro are single outlet locations, why would you count them as competitors? Do you really feel that they affect the overall market significantly enough to count them? Why did you not include The Meat Shoppe (Zamzama) in your competitor analysis? While you highlight the fact that Meat One doesn’t freeze its meat, you...

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