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|Girne Mahallesi Irmak Sokak No:62 Daire:12 |
|Maltepe / İstanbul |

Birth Date and Place : 17.03.1989 Amasya
Nationality : T.C.
Marital Status : Single
Mobile No : +90 549 775 96 24
E-mail :
Military Service : Hold due to Post Graduate
Driving Licence : B - 2007

2014 – 2016 Thesis – Improvement of SME’s technical problem solving capability,Modelling Approach
2012 - 2014 Yeditepe Üniversitesi - MBA
2007 - 2011 Kocaeli Üniversitesi – Bsc. Mechanical Engineering
2003 – 2007 Amasya Anadolu Öğretmen Lisesi – Mathematics & Science

Maintenance Engineer
Unilever – November 2012, cont.
- Lead shift maintenance team in factory
- Ensure that the production is done according to Unilever standards and legal requirements with required quality, quantity, time and cost.
- Ensure that occupational and food safety standards are implemented consistently.
- Participate in new projects and periodic maintenance plans to provide continuous production
- Lead new equipment commissioning and start-up stages.
- Lead Planned Maintenance activities in production lines to improve performance with TPM and involve in training activities of blue-collar workers.
- Involve in kaizen projects to eliminate losses and to increase machine efficiencies
- Ensure that all activities in the department are in line with Good Manufacturing Practices, food safety and work place safety requirements
- Machinery safety trainer
- Safety Pillar facilitator
- Follow up Capex projects & implementation
- Conduct energy management systems and saving projects
- Conduct process improvement works & redesign of processes
- Conduct hygenic...

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