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Medical Surgical floor and an Oncology floor have different management skills depending on the staff that care for these patients on a daily basis. Each floor has their own way of conducting the best possible care to the patients and the outcome is the same for each department. Making sure the patients and family have the best possible experience while in the hospital. This all begins at the lowest level employee that is employed on that particular floor.

Case Study Proposal
Introduction and Preparation
Identify the Clinical Problem
Early inception of palliative care to direct pain and symptoms offers the benefit to promote good positive life care for patients that are dealing with cancer. The avenue to provide the needs to giving the best palliative care and pain management services fluctuate congruent to the patient and their needs, resources, care giver training, and the hospital setting. This paper will help in describing the management of the Oncology unit in the clinical setting. Collective efforts, planning, support from administrators, and time are necessary in implementing the care needed for the cancer patients and their families (Marchetti, P., Voltz, R., Rubio, C., Mayeur, D., & Kopf, A. 2013). To accommodate this work established by resources, staff, and management different approaches were taken, including structuring of services within oncology units; creation of an integrated partnership between oncology and palliative care departments; establishment of a multidisciplinary comprehensive service; and incorporation of nurse-based pain services to address acute, chronic, and cancer pain. These examples offer insights into how to optimize delivery of services in a variety of settings with varying resources (Marchetti, P., Voltz, R., Rubio, C., Mayeur, D., & Kopf, A. 2013).
The management of the medical surgical floor is not that different from the Oncology floor. You have the same type of personnel with patient care technicians, your nurses, doctors, and other essential personnel that makes the stay and care for the patient and the families a positive outcome. Management styles differ from person to person and provider to provider, but the care needs to be the same all the way around. On the medical surgical floor you take control and care for many different diseases and in their different stages of that disease. As a nurse, you need to be sharp and fundamentally sound when it comes to the care your patients because if you make that one mistake whether it be medication error to not conducting proper hand hygiene can set about a cataclysmic downward spiral that can cause serious illness and even death to your patient. Having good management skills will help the nurse in valuable ways. In dealing with patients on any floor you first need to have invaluable time management skills. You may be dealing with a few patients to possibly as much as 7-10 depending on the size of the staff. With this many patients time management skills become vital in making sure that all care is completed to each patient at the time they are required to receive it. If failure to provide the care or medication not provided on time can cause a serious issue for the patient and the nurse and staff in general as well.
As you can see management from floor to floor at a hospital is essential in care of our patients and their families. If people are not properly trained and educated then serious consequences will occur and a patient can in fact die. From the patient care technician all the way to the President of the hospital, everyone plays a very important part of making sure valuable care is given to all that need it in the hospital setting.

Barreto, G. G., Pardo, R. R., Infante, Y. Y., & Marquez, Y. Y. (2012, November). Program Design for Stress Management in a group of Administrative Employees at an Oncology Unit. CARACAS-VENEZUELA. In ASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY (Vol. 8, pp. 271-271). 111 RIVER ST, HOBOKEN 07030-5774, NJ USA: WILEY-BLACKWELL.

Finkelman (2012). Leadership and Management for Nurses, 2nd Edition

Marchetti, P., Voltz, R., Rubio, C., Mayeur, D., & Kopf, A. (2013). Provision of Palliative Care and Pain Management Services for Oncology Patients. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, 11(suppl 1), S-17.

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