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Medford University

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Chapter 12
Medford University

Why did President Kobayashi appoint a tack force to consider the issue of fringe benefits? She could have asked the university’s human resources department to design a plan. The President has appointed the task force to consider the issue of fringe benefits. In order to help the President propagate the plan. She used the support of decision rights in the appointment of the task force. Workers from all areas of the university will come together to brain storm ideas and solutions. They will use effective use of their local knowledge to help support important finding of solutions that will help create options to the benefit plan. They will analyze the economics that will lead to a collective decision that the tasks force will support. It will represent of all areas of the university with input on what matters most. The task forces will represent all many views in the process of designing a plan. The universities employees will enjoy, accept, and adapt to the change if they see that they have been represented. It will become easier for employees to accept and adapt to change more if they were represented in the decision making. These representatives have better idea of what is best for the universities personal than persons from the human resource department will ever know on a personal level. They know what the benefit needs are and can voice and debate the concerns stronger than HR. Loaded with a wealth of knowledge they can support the reasonable benefits. They are able to understand the problems and give solutions with strategies that allow profitable and fair decisions. . They will be able to present problems faced by staff throughout the organization. This staff will be able then to provide better strategies that will enable them to make accurate decisions on quality without changing the quality of staff and faculties...

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