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THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG Department of Social Work and Social Administration COURSE OUTLINE template Academic Year: 2014 /2015 1. Basic Course Information: Course Code: SOWK 1009 Course Title:  Existing New Course: to be implemented in Semester 1 / 2 / S

Reflective Practitioner

2. Course Instructor / Course Co-ordinator: Name Office Debbie Lam C0549 Kurtee Chu C0550 Grace Leung Chan Ki CO553 C0553

phone 3917-2082 3917-1153 3917-2090 3917-7145


3. Required Pre-requisites (if any): __________NIL________________________ 4. Course Description (should be the same as the syllabus; so please just copy from the syllabus of your program that is available at the Department Website) Social work practice is carried out through interactions between social workers and individuals, families, organizations and society. Social workers are inevitably shaped by their own experiences, beliefs, upbringing and culture, which might affect their interactions with these systems. This course encourages the students to start the reflective journey in visiting issues of self in relation to the perceived identity, intimacy, loss, family, and society. Through reflective exercises, discussions, and assigned readings, the students will develop a deeper understanding of their values, philosophy of life and behaviors, and how these in turn impact social work practice. The course adopts an active-learning and experiential approach. Assessment: 100% coursework. 5. Course Objectives: 1. To increase the reflexivity of the students 2. To enhance the development of self-understanding of the students in relation to their physical sensitivity, perspectives towards intimacy and loss, choices in life, and the value orientation towards broader social issues. 3. 4. To facilitate the students in examining the influences of their...

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