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Position Paper
Board of Investment
Prime Minister’s Office

Date : Thursday, 05 July, 2012
Venue : BOI Board Room

Launching ceremony of:

“World Investment Report-2012”

"An Investment Policy Framework for Sustainable Development, including national and international dimensions “published by UNCTAD

Brief on the achievement of 2011

Actual inflow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in 2011 reached the highest ever level in the history of Bangladesh at US$1136.38 million, according to a report of UNCTAD. The amount is 24.42% higher than US$913.32 million recorded in 2010. The FDI inflow is comprised fresh equity amounting to US$431.85 million, while US$489.63 million came from reinvested earnings and the rest of US$214.90 million is from intra company loans. It appears from the above that reinvested earning and intra-company loans has increased to a large extent which signifies the confidence of the investors in the investment climate of Bangladesh despite apprehension on the performance of the economy by various quarters.

The sectoral projection is as follows:

The major sectors that attracted FDI include textile US$272.042 million, banking US$249.37 million, power gas and petroleum at US$238.21 million, telecommunications at US$180.99 million and Cement US$51.65 million.

The investments that has come the countries are as follows:

The countries that have invested substantially in Bangladesh in 2011 are US$152.30 million Egypt, US$117.74 million USA, US$116.75 million Netherlands, US$116.32 UK ,US$113.06 million South Korea, US$104.84 million Hong Kong, and US$72.80 million from Australia.

The summary of the investment made can be viewed as under:

(In million US$)
|Components |2009 |2010 |2011 |
|Equity Capital...

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