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Media Fast Writing Assignment

Last Tuesday, I attempted to unplug myself from the world of media and see how it affected my everyday life. After trying to disconnect myself from everything that involves media, I realized how much I rely on it to get me through each day. I was never this aware of its presence in today’s society until disconnecting myself. Without media to rely on, I found myself having to readjust my whole normal routine just to get through the day.
At the start of the day I found myself stressed, unorganized and uneasy. I use my cell phone as an alarm and by turning it off the night before I found myself waking up every few hours for fear of over sleeping. As I headed to my first class I paid attention to various things that I normally never would before. I am usually flipping through my phone, checking emails and replying to texts, but that morning was different. I walked with a relaxed pace to Dodge Hall with my head up and found myself greeting people I knew. As class began, I was immediately able to focus on the material being presented, rather the usual multitasking I tend to do. However, not feeling the constant buzz from my blackberry in my pocket made me somewhat tense throughout the morning, thinking that I was missing some sort of important information.
Normally I check my phone every fifteen minutes or so, even if I’m not texting, or communicating in some way ,just to see if I’ve received anything. Realizing this really opened my eyes as to how media dependent my life is. Once my first and only class for the day was over, I was walking home and ran into one of my teammate’s who I talked briefly with about how my media fast was going and that’s when she suddenly informed me that our practice had been changed to twelve thirty instead of our regular time. That uneasy feeling that I felt earlier that day, reached an ultimate high. I had…...

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