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Media Influence on African American Males

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Media Influence on African American Males
Keana Noyd
California State University, Northridge

PAS 325- The Black Male in Contemporary Times
May 12, 2014

Abstract If a black man is mentioned in the news, newspaper, magazine ads, television shows, or internet blogs, it is usually related to a negative, stereotypical thought of black men as a whole. The media constantly produces images of black men as sexually-instable, violent, and unintelligent. Such portrayals ultimately influence the nation when it comes to what black men are thought to be like. If the media gave honest and positive portrayals of black men, less racism would exist because people would be able to see the black men of this world for who they really are. In this paper, I give examples of how black men are negatively portrayed in the media and suggest how such misrepresentation can be stopped; by positive portrayals of black men in the media.

Over the decades, the media has become an extremely influential power tool when it comes to making assertions about certain groups of people. African-Americans are one of the media’s many victims of false generalizations that influence the world beyond the television screens. Black men are constantly depicted as sexually-instable, angry, uneducated criminals throughout the media, in which, has an ultimate effect on how these men are represented throughout this society. Such depictions are one of the reasons why racism and stereotypical beliefs continue to exist throughout this world. If the media gave honest and positive portrayals of black men, less racism would exist because people would be able to see the black men of this world for who they really are. The racist belief that black men are sexually-instable results from the influence of media. One major cause of this psychological epidemic was the newly profound knowledge of miscegenation between…...

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