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Media Literacy Education: Its Level of Implementation in Amontay National High School, Pitogo, Quezon

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The world is surrounded with beautiful trends and innovation which brought up the development in different branches or fields of professional activities such as business, education, etc. It is of great help that these numerous happenings also cater an opportunity to improve further quality of teaching instruction in the educational ground. This will utilize the upbringing of Philippine education standards. Due to this progress as bounded by technologies, the generation is conceived to be known now as generation “M”. Media as the core of this generation is delivered such that it remarkably influences greater people globally. It is one of the most dominant forces as its messages are decoded by the youths which lead them in shaping their own perceptions. Research studies showed 2/3 of toddlers view television daily for 2 hours, and kids and teens view television daily for 4 hours plus 2 hours exerted for staying on a computer (, 2010). New Generations Philippines (2009) revealed that 63 percent of children aged 7 to 14 years old regularly use the Internet (play games, watch videos, or access information for school requirements). About 62 percent of kids in that age group (13 to 14 years old) go online to access social networking compared to the 44 percent of users aged 11-12 years old. 43 percent of pre-teens also use the Internet for instant messaging. An alarming truth may be set with this situation; that an average Filipino child who reaches age 18 would have spent 16,000 more hours or a total of 667 days or 22 months watching TV than attending school ( Hence, media literacy should be carried among the youths that this may be used to teaching-learning process. Hobbs (2004) indicated that students are growing up in a world saturated with media message yet, they receive little or no training in the skills of analyzing or...

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