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Abstract: Media has played a major part in building and managing the country after 1990’s. It has played both a constructive and destructive role in communicating information to its viewers. Organizations have been aware of this might of media for quite some time now. The partnerships between organizations and media channels and the way in which orgs manage media play a huge role in the way it affects their business. Ex. FMCG companies, entertainment companies, e-commerce companies understand that marketing can’t happen and product can’t sell unless media upholds it. Hence the partnership between orgs and media needs to be seen as an art of media management now. Media can both build and destroy the reputation of any entity in this country. Hence it is extremely careful how media is managed and used in the best possible manner in order to derive benefits instead of creating issues.

Media targeted by organizations/entities for marketing are basically of three formats.

• Print media Marketing – through Newspapers, magazines, books etc.

• Audio / Visual Media Marketing – through Television, movies, radio, youtube etc.

• Online and Social Media Marketing – through Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, Internet etc.

Objective of the study: The objective of the study is to analyse and study the importance of media management by considering its varied aspects in perspective of its relationship with the business, society and politics....

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