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THIS DEED OF DECLARATION made on this _________day of____________ TWO THOUSAND FOURTEEN.(2014) A.D.

SMT. SANDHYA RANI CHAKRABARTY wife of late Durga Prasad Chakrabarty, by Religion Hindu, by Occupation House Wife, by Nationality Indian, residing at F.C. Salt Lake City, Police Station ______________, Kolkata 700064, District South 24 Parganas, West Bengal, hereinafter called and referred to as the VENDOR/FIRST PARTY (which terms or expression shall unless excluded by or repugnant to the subject or context be deemed to mean and include his/her legal heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives and assigns) of the ONE PART. AND
SMT. SABITRI DEVI wife of Sri. Fulchand Shah, by Religion Hindu, by Occupation House Wife, by Nationality Indian, residing at R 208, Cotton Mill Lane, Police Station Maheshtala, Kolkata 700044, District South 24 Parganas, West Bengal, hereinafter called and referred to as the VENDEE/PURCHASER/OPPOSITE PARTY (which terms or expression shall unless excluded by or repugnant to the subject or context be deemed to mean and include his/her legal heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives and assigns) of the OTHER PART.


CHAKRABARTY was the sole and absolute owner of the land measuring about 15 Cotthas, 9 Chittacks, 34 Square feet, be the same little more or less, lying and situate under Mouza Jagannath Nagar, Pargana Magura, J.L. No.7, Re:Su No.68, Touzi No.2826, R.S. Dag No.1658 and 1666, at present within the ambit of Maheshtala Municipality Ward No.18, under Police Station Maheshtala, and had been enjoying the same after recording her name in the R.S. Record of Right under R.S. Khatian No.4094(Kri.). AND WHEREAS while said SMT. SANDHYA RANI CHAKRABARTY was sufficiently seized, possessed, used and enjoying the aforesaid property as sole and absolute owner thereof by virtue of a registered Deed of Conveyance dated 30.03.2006 (being Deed No.3640 for the year 2006) said SMT. SANDHYA RANI CHAKRABARTY transferred a piece and parcel of land 10 Cotthas, 1 Chittack, 34 Square feet be the same little more or less, lying and situate under Mouza Jagannath Nagar, Pargana Magura, J.L. No.7, Re:Su No.68, Touzi No.2826, R.S. Dag No.1658 and part 1666 of R.S. Khatian No.4094(Kri.) at present within the ambit of Maheshtala Municipality Ward No.18, under Police Station Maheshtala, unto and in favour of one SMT. SABITRI DEVI wife of Sri. Fulchand Shah, a resident ofR208,CottonMill,Kolkata-700044,the VENDEE/PURCHASER /OPPOSITE PARTY herein above mentioned in the “PARTIES TO THE DEED” for the valuable consideration mentioned therein. Accordingly said SMT. SABITRI DEVI become sole and absolute owner of the aforesaid land measuring about 10 Cotthas, 1 Chittack, 34 Square feet.

AND WHEREAS the said Deed of Conveyance dated 30.03.2006 was duly executed and registered in the Sub Registrar II Office at Alipore, District South 24 Parganas and recorded in the Book No.1, Volume No.67, Pages 953 to 969, being Deed No.3640 for the year 2006, hereinafter called and referred to as “THE PRINCIPAL DEED”.
AND WHEREAS certain mistakes and inaccuracies have accidentally and inadvertently crept in “THE PRINCIPAL DEED” which require rectification in the manner hereinafter appearing.
NOW THIS DEED WITNESSESTH that “THE PRINCIPAL DEED” shall be rectified and corrected in the following manner :- a. in page No.3, Second line in the “THE PRINCIPAL DEED” it has been written “ R.S. Dag No. 1658 and 1659/2536 under R.S. Khatian No.1632 and 1115”, whereas as per the R.S. Record of Right “R.S. Dag No.1658 and part 1666, under R.S. Khatian No.4094(Kri.)” should be substituted and read. b. in page No.6, Second line in “THE PRINCIPAL DEED” it has been written “ Deed No.7133 for the year 1959” whereas “Deed No.7033 for the year 1959” should be substituted and read , Further in the same page, Fourth line and Fifth line of “THE PRINCIPAL DEED” it has been written “R.S. Dag No. 1658 and 1659/2536 under R.S. Khatian No.1632 and 1115”, whereas as per the R.S. Record of Right “R.S. Dag No.1658 and part 1666, under R.S. Khatian No.4094(Kri.)” should be substituted and read.

c. in page No.7, Tenth line in the “THE PRINCIPAL DEED” it has been written “ R.S. Dag No. 1658 and 1659/2536 under R.S. Khatian No.1632 and 1115”, whereas as per the R.S. Record of Right “R.S. Dag No.1658 and part 1666, under R.S. Khatian No.4094(Kri.)” should be substituted and read, Further in the same page, Eleventh line of “THE PRINCIPAL DEED” it has been written “R.S. Khatian No.1632 and 1115”, whereas as per the R.S. Record of Right “R.S. Khatian No.4094(Kri.)” should be substituted and read. d. in the “SCHEDULE” of “THE PRINCIPAL DEED”, it has been written “Danga land” and “R.S. Dag Nos. 1658and 1659/2536 under R.S. Khatian No.1632, 1115 ”, whereas as per the R.S. Record of Right “Bastu land” and “R.S. Dag No.1658 and part 1666, under R.S. Khatian No.4094(Kri.)” should be substituted and read. e. in the site plan annexed here with “THE PRINCIPAL DEED”, it has been written “ R.S. Dag No. 1659 ,1659/2536 under R.S. Khatian No.1632,1115 and 486”, whereas as per the R.S. Record of Right “R.S. Dag No.1658 and part 1666, under R.S. Khatian No.4094(Kri.)” should be substituted and read.
At the request of the VENDEE/PURCHASER/ OPPOSITE PARTY, the VENDOR/FIRST PARTY executes the DEED OF DECLARATION for rectification and correction of the aforesaid Sale Deed No.3640 for the year 2006.

That as rectified and modified as aforesaid “THE PRINCIPAL DEED” shall remain in full force and effect and it should be treated as part of Original Deed . THE SCHEDULE ABOVE REFERRED TO (Corrected Schedule)

ALL THAT piece and parcel of ‘Bastu’ land measuring 10 (Ten) Cotthas 1 (One) Chittack and 34 (Thirty Four) Square feet more or less out of which 15 cotthas 9 Chittacks 34 Square feet with 100 Square feet Kancha room of R.S. Dag No.1658 and part 1659 under R.S. Khatian No.4094(Kri.), lying and situate at Mouza Jagannath Nagar, J.L. No.7, Pargana Magura, Re:Su No.68 under collectorate Touzi No.2826, P.S. Maheshtala at present lying within the limits of Maheshtala Municipality, Ward No.18, Additional District Sub Registry Office Behala, District South 24 parganas with right to take electric, tap water, Gas and Telephone Etc. connections through the common passage together with all easement rights thereto, and the said land is delineated in the map or plan annexed hereto and depicted by Red border lines, being butted and bounded by :-

On the North : Land of Smt. Sritikana Dey.
On the South : Land & House of Nanda Bhattacharjee &others.
On the East : Land & House of Smt. Binodini Roy.
On the West : 10”- 0” Ft wide Municipality Road including both side drain.

Proportionate rent of Rs.300 payable to the collector South 24 Parganas for the state of West Bengal.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF THE PARTIES hereto set and subscribed their respective hands and this the day, month and year first above written.
PARTIES at Kolkata in the presence of :-
2. Signature of the VENDOR

_______________________ Signature of the VENDEE

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