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Media Player Debate

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“Microsoft Zune versus Apple IPod:
Which One Would You Choose?”
Nicole Padgett
Colorado Technical University
ENGL101-1301B-34: Composition and Critical Thinking
Professor Mark Watson
March 25, 2013

Transportable MP3 players started showing up in the 1990s and have come a long way like all electronics have. The MP3 players came around because of having the ability to make the standard audio file able to be compressed into a smaller file with hardly any loss to the sound quality which helped the electronic industry launch this new ability of music enjoyment. The first businesses to take control of this new industry were Apple and Microsoft. Apple introduced the portable media player known as the IPod, a little while after Microsoft decided to enter the playing field with their portable media player known as the Zune. These two products are both popular media player and offers identical features; on the other hand they are very different in their own ways. The discussion of synchronization of software, features, and ease of use will allow us to determine which one the consumer would like better. Within this essay the Apple and Microsoft’s media player will be described in a short detail and then my opinion will be mentioned and explained why that choice was chosen. An important thing that you might look into when deciding on what media player to choose is the ease of use. The Apple media player device features an easy user interface which they call the click wheel. The click wheel is the main function of the device, it allow the user to use their thumb to select music, play, pause, change the volume, find the music, videos, and podcasts that the user is looking for. There is a hold switch on the top of the device and when switched into the “hold” position it disables the device so the user can’t accidentally press a button. There also is an earphone...

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