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“What is Architecture? Architecture is a civilization’s way of giving form to itself. It is not only expressive of culture but actively participates in shaping it. Architecture is society’s most public and visible art; through it we profess our most cherished values, patterns and skills. As a discipline architecture has its roots both in art and science. It demands the love of precision, geometry, and order as well as a passion for mystery, wonder, and the unknown. Good architects are deeply concerned about society and culture. They are critical thinkers, with a reflective sense of history and a visionary, though grounded, attitude toward the future. They not only mirror the attitudes of society, but contribute to its direction. The study of architecture involves an exploration of diverse disciplines that influence the built environment. Architectural education is, by necessity, the most comprehensive course of university studies. It not only prepares students for a future in the profession of architecture but provides an extraordinary foundation for a multitude of interdisciplinary and related design fields. Students learn not only to handle the conflicting demands of function, aesthetics, technology and economy, but are trained in a variety of means of expression including writing, model-making, drawing, photography, video, digital media, and verbal presentations. If you aspire to be a professional with a social mission, if you appreciate the value of science and technology and are simultaneously intrigued by the revelations offered by works of art, then architecture may well be your field” (Carleton University, 2015).

Architects have a significant role to play in society and the economy. Architectural education systems have a huge influence on how this role is viewed. This view varies in different cultures worldwide. This paper will discuss a...

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