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Media Technology Budgeting Report

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Media Technology report

I have used my 300,000 pound budget to buy equipment to set up a company which will hire out equipment for conventions as well as music sets which need a full professional DJ setup.

Above is a list of all products bought using my budget.

The TVs, MacBook’s, iPad’s and LG sound bar with subwoofer were all bought to be used together, for conventions where people set up their own booths to demonstrate ideas, products or solutions using the TV and then the MacBook and the iPad to control the TV with the sound bar providing the sound for the TV.
The TV comes with a trolley, which makes it easily portable and gives it a stand.
Some of the MacBooks and iPads were meant to be used in unison with the Hitachi projectors for large halls where a large presentation can be presented on a Sapphire Fixed Frame Screen. For lighting for those presentations there are Arri Fresnel lights and Arri L1 Hanging lights available which can be controlled through the Zero88 Jester lighting control console. EW microphone system is also available for the presentations along with a Roche Quality PA system to make sure the presenter is heard with a large quantity of Behringer active speakers available if requested. The speakers can all be controlled on Mackie portable mixing desks which will come with Pioneer Headphones and with Citronic amplifiers available if requested.

For the DJ venue hire there are Pioneer CDJ-850’s for playing CDs and Pioneer DJM-850 as your mixer that will come with Pioneer Headphones and Sennheiser MD-42 microphones. Macbook laptops will also be provided with Ableton DJing software installed. For lighting the Arri lights will be available as well American DJ X Move LEDs and American DJ LED Strobes that can all be controlled through ZER088 Jester DMX lighting control console. To bolster sound there are a large quantity of Behringer 15” active speakers available as well as the Roche Quality PA systems and Citronic amplifiers for even larger events. The biggest offering on the DJ side is the DMX LED Dance floor system that spans 864 sq/ft and is a revolutionary piece of technology that is sure to offer a great surprise to customers.

An Excel file has been attached in the email with all the direct links to the products purchased in the budget.

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