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Media and Christian Family

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Every Christian family is a balanced environment designed by God for the growth of human beings. God’s idea of family is to transmit values from generation to generation. Every Christian family is originated in God alone. And every family has its purpose from God. When we study about Christian family, we find that each family differs from one to the other in terms of design, lifestyle, background, character, purpose, goal and the structure. Christian family comes under the plan of God where the relationship between parents and children are notable through which it touches the outer world. Family is also one of the most important and enduring institution in our modern society. Every good and bad thing comes out of the family. If the family fails then the other institution of societies will get sick. So the family is that basic unit of society which strengthens and weakens the entire society1.

The life of the family depends on the love of parents for children. But most parents focus on making material prosperity by keeping aside their children. Their problem is very common in today’s world. In many cases the modern parents leave their children depending in electronic games and media instead of teaching faith, values, behavior and a Christian world view. As a result the family has become an idolatrous symbol in parts of the modern world. The fame and reputation of a family in society is based on unbiblical values. One of the very common sicknesses which worsen the family is the divorce and extra-marital sex. Their problem has become common to all urban and rural people of today’s world. In the face of modernization many Christian family make decisions about life based on how they feel without seeking God’s will2.

Mass Media:
“A mass media is essentially a...

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