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Medical Experiments During The Holocaust

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“The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.” This is a quote from Josef Mengele, a doctor who performed medical experiments during the Holocaust. When the true extent of the Holocaust was found out many people didn't want to believe that it was true, especially the medical experiments. Even today, citizens don’t truly know what these “medical procedures” entailed. The Nazi medical experiments were one of the worst monstrosities that took place during the Holocaust.
The National Socialist German Workers' Party medical experiments were classified in three different groups; each one to help the Nazis win World War II. The first category was “War Efforts”. Many German soldiers would die from hypothermia, altitude sickness,...

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...Despite the unethical nature and questionable scientific validity of the nazi medical experiments, the results should still be accessible for scientific gain. During the Holocaust the medical experiments that were conducted were unethical. One reason being is that, the scientists hired to conduct the various medical experiments made an oath in the beginning of their career. This was called the Hippocratic oath, arguably the most important parts of the medical profession. At the time of graduation, doctors recite this oath as a promise of what they will give back to the practice of medicine. One particular part of the oath that the doctors have to recite is that “[they] will use treatment to help the sick accordingly to [their] ability and judgement, but never with a view to injury or wrongdoing” (The Hippocratic 1). By conducting horrific experiments such as internal irrigation where “the frozen victim would have water heated to a near blistering temperature forcefully irrigated into the stomach, bladder, and intestines” (Medical 1), the doctors violated the trust placed in them by the medical profession and humanity, making their data unethical. Also, the people chosen to be test subjects were treated no more than objects at the doctor’s disposal. Eva Kor, a Holocaust survivor, states that her among thousands of others were “being treated like human guinea pigs” (I was 1). The Nazis dehumanized them by constantly treating like animals. In a different interview Eva Kor...

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...1.6 million People were sent to concentration camps during World War II, of which one million died. Death was caused by starvation, people becoming too weak that they were unfit and were killed off, and being hung due to insubordination. Medical experiments on the prisoners also resulted in death. Dr. Mengele, the man who had done taboo medical experiments on prisoners. This is the life of Josef Mengele from his life as a young individual, to becoming a very well known “doctor”, to becoming a wanted victim. This is the Angel of Death. Born on March 16, 1911 in Gunzburg , Josef Mengele was the oldest son of Karl Mengele. He lived in an upper middle class family which ran a machine tool business. His family was described as a “Strict Catholic” family. His peers in the town he lived in would describe Mengele as an intelligent and popular person. “A young person with intelligence but more or less ordinary” were the words of description from a close relative. From a very young age Josef Mengele was interested in the racial theories of Alfred Rosenberp, a philosopher of National Socialism. In 1935 Mengele graduated from the University of Munich with a Ph. D in physical anthropology. After graduating he got into believing racism towards Jews. Two years later he became an assistant of Dr. Omar Von Verschuer who was most and commonly known for researching twins. He then served as a medical officer in the beginning of World War II with the invasion of the Soviet Union, he redeemed......

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