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The recent acceleration in the projected growth for the Hypodermic and Diabetic products makes it possible for the management team to discuss possible changes without having to worry about consolidating plants or making substantial reductions in personnel at any plant” stated by Robert Housman, president of Disposable Device Sector of Medical Products Company (Hayes, R., 1995, Harvard Business School). MPC supplied diagnostics systems and medical devices to several health care locations world-wide. In 1990, the combined sales of disposable devices were over $2 billion, two-thirds took place in Europe. By comparing the past data and forecasting the next five years, MPC needs to ask itself, “How will we meet these demands? Do we have enough capacity to stay in competition with our competitors, and if not, succeed them?” Through quantitative review of each plant individually and yearly production increase, problems have surfaced while viable solutions have been discovered.

Summary of European Hypodermic Products: “The key to an effective hypodermic plant is uninterrupted, around–the-clock, in-line operation with high uptime. In particular, efficient utilization of molding operations, where the bulk of the plant’s assets are located, is essential” (Hayes, R., 1995, Harvard Business School) In 1990, the disposable device sector made MPC the world leader accounting for 55% of overall sales. This sector was broken into five main core groups; hypodermic syringes and needles, diabetic care, IV, PSD, and medical gloves. Hypodermic products include both needles and syringes, formed by a needle attaching to a thin metal tube called a cannula, attached to...

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