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Menopause (626.0) is by definition the cessation of menstruation and fertility, after, (1) year of amenorrhea (626.0) (Buck, 2012) from the menstrual cycle. The average according too, some statics women in the United States begin around 8 - 12 years of transition (Goldman, 2000) (Buck, 2012).Menopause is a natural female biological process (628.0). Some studies have shown that due to changes combined in the atrophic endothelial site in the vaginal region have shown changes characterized by thinning of the endometrial endothelium, decrease ability to produce lubrication with sexual arousal. This reduced sexual drive (799.81). The condition that happens as a result of menopause (626.0) is, associated with dyspareunia (306.5) (Buck, 2012). For some the decreased circulation of blood flow to the vagina can also, be responsible for loss of secretions.
Some of the various symptoms of menopause (626.0) can range from, physical to emotional. Such as, a roller coaster of emotions feeling sadness and loss regarding no longer is being able to reproduce. ( In the beginning (626.1), irregular menstrual cycles, vaginal dryness, night sweats, and weight gain with slowed metabolism (627.2) (Buck, 2012). Studies have shown that, certain anti-depressants in the class of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’S) (E947.8) can decrease the effects of hot flashes. These are sometimes prescribed for women who cannot take estrogen for other health reason. Although hormone replacement therapy (V07.4) (Buck, 2012) is most effective but, it is just not an option for some women in getting relief from the side effects of menopause. Fertility ends however, you can stay healthy, sexually vital and some women have report an increase in sexual drive. (
Women queried also, indicated some experienced an increase in sexuality and sexual drive. This represents that effects may differ according to the individual. However when you notice that (, you start missing your menstrual cycles rather than too assume you are (625.4) premenopausal scheduling an appointment with your GYN is the best way to determine for sure. Your physician will order a panel of test to properly diagnose the reason for the irregular menstrual period (Buck, 2012) and verify a negative or positive pregnancy test (
When diagnosing any stage of menopause (626.0) your GYN may check your levels of (FSH) Follicle-stimulating hormone and estrogen to determine if there is a decrease (Goldman, 2000) (Hatch, 2000) (Buck, 2012). Your GYN should also, check your (TSH) ( Thyroid-stimulating hormone to make sure that, your symptoms are not confused with (244 - 244.9) hypothyroidism. Although, period there are no known medications to prevent these side effects due to the natural biochemical process. ( There are ways to treat the symptoms. Laboratory medication and natural remedies are some ways you could find relief. It is, important to try and keep as normal levels as possible by, replacing hormones that the body loses during this change. The change in hormone levels can result in any number of symptoms such as, bladder control issues, sleep disturbances, depression or anxiety, and unknown stress with various other health issues (627.2). Several studies have shown that the depression (300.4) experience by menopausal (626.0) women are not perm ante but, will cycle thru out these hormonal changes (Women & Health, Marlene B. Goldman, Maureen C. Hatch). These different symptoms may vary according to your lifestyles prior to becoming, menopausal.
One key complication that, need to be monitored are osteoporosis (733.0) which could as a woman ages can lead to other bone related injuries. According too, landmark publication in 1925 by Cecil and Archer who were the first to study and show evidence that, osteoarthritis (715.9) in menopause (626.0). This made the notice on the condition being diagnosed in women after the age of 50 years over men in their 80th year. The study advised osteoarthritis (715) more commonly affecting more joints and more server joint deformity (719.8) (Buck, 2012) (Goldman, 2000) (Hatch, 2000).This is one major reason after becoming menopausal (626.0) women should maintain annual/bi-annual bone density exams.
Women’s Health and especially when, premenopausal (V49.81) exercise on a regular basis is very important. When a she becomes, menopausal (626.0) it is twice as important.
Living with, menopause is a change in life but, with the changes in medicine it can be made easier along with, you doing good things for your body on a daily basis.

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