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Medical Sociology Exam


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M Exam 2
Sociology 3450-98
Fall 2010

Multiple choice questions
Each question is worth two point for a potential total of 40 points.

1. Stress can be defined as: a. A heightened mind-body reaction to stimuli inducing fear or anxiety. b. A physiological change due to an environmental agent. c. A disruption in daily life caused by primarily negative events. d. All of the above.

2. None of the above. ______________ of preventive care among the poor is common. a. Underutilization. b. Overutilization. c. Utilization. d. There is extensive utilization diversity even in the poor. e. None of the above.

3. _______________ is where the deviants are temporarily exempted from normal obligations and gain some extra privileges, provided that they seek help in order to rid themselves of their deviance. e. Conditional legitimacy. f. Unconditional legitimacy. g. Illegitimacy. h. Forgiveness. i. None of the above.

4. The importance of Emile Durkheim's work for understanding stress lies in his: j. Typology of three specific types of suicide. k. Denial of biological influences on human behavior. l. Insight into the link between the state of the economy and certain types of illness. m. Notion of the capability of society to create situations where people are forced to respond to conditions not of their own choosing n. None of the above. 5. What is the reason many low-income persons do not have a source of medical care? a. Health facilities may not be near. b. Costs may not be covered by health insurance.

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