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Medical Store Management System

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Completing a task is never a one man effort. It is often the result of valuable contribution of a number of individuals in a direct or indirect manner that helps in shaping and achieving an objective. It is very difficult for anyone to complete a project without the active cooperation and the benefit of the advice from the people who are experts in their field of specialization. The satisfaction and euphoria that accompanies the successful completion of any task would not be complete without the mention of the people who made it possible With due honor, We want to thank all the personalities who made us able to do this interesting work. First of all we would like to thank lovely professional university for giving us this opportunity to carry out this minor project at their esteemed institution. We are grateful to our honorable faculty who provided all the facility.
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1. Project proposal
2. Software development cycle requirements

3. Software development cycle 4. Coding. 5. Testing and debugging. 6. Maintenance and redesigning. 7. References.

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A transfer is a lateral move to a position in the same classified pay range (classified position) or to a position with comparable duties and responsibilities (non-classified positions). Eligibility:All non-faculty employees are eligible for transfer after being employed in their present position for atleast three months. In addition, an employee must have been performing in a satisfactory manner in his/her current job. Exceptions to the three month employment requirement may be authorized by the President on a case-by-case basis. Procedures:Employees are considered as candidates for transfer in the following order or priority: a. Eligible employees in same department as the job opening b. Eligible...

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