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Medisys Case Study Analysis

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Case Study-Medisys
At Medisys there were several contributions that were compelling the company to change and reinvent itself. Among these contributions the most prevalent was the fact that Medisys was losing market share to its bigger competitors who had more capital. Another factor compelling the company to change was the new leadership under Mr. Beaumont. Under Mr. Beaumont the culture of the company changed to a parallel development approach in order to speed up product development. To show that it was reinventing itself Medisys set a goal of launching an innovative world class product by August 2009. This new product that would set Medisys apart was IntensCare, and it would revolutionize hospital communication. Unfortunately there were several forces that were affecting the completion of IntensCare on time. One of these was the culture that Medisys had fostered. The environment influenced how IntensCare would be developed in order to contest competitor’s similar products. This was a product of parallel development and cross-functional teams that forced individuals to take a step back and look at the big picture. Another force that was affecting IntensCare was the behavior of the group working on the project. Performance evaluation included a measure of whether or not people worked on other projects. As a result of this some members put time into other smaller projects and not IntensCare. This was viewed as a lack of commitment by other people and fostered a poor environment. Before Mr. Beaumont’s arrival technical managers had much more power and influence over a product. When it came to IntensCare the technical managers involved had a sense of entitlement which blocked the sharing of information among the team. All of these factors led to a poor outcome in terms of the IntensCare project. The hired team could not meet deadlines so the outsourcing of...

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