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The MediSys team that focused on developing and launching the IntensCare product line definitely faced challenges working together effectively as a team. With 6 months until the scheduled launch of the product, the cross-functional product development team behind its design, clinical testing, and production schedules was facing production delays, design issues, and marketing strategy constraints. The following analysis outlines analyzes the case from the perspective of Art Beaumont, the president of
Medisys and details what went right and what went wrong within the group and recommendations for Beaumont to correct the situation.
The first thing that was done right on was that the IntensCare team received very clear direction from Beaumont in regards to managing the direction of the project. He clearly stated his expectations for the roll out of the IntensCare system by Aug. 2009 without explicitly defining the means that the group would use to get there. Each member was empowered to make decisions about the development of the product with very little managerial obstacles. For example, Dipesh Mukerjee, the Software Design Manager, was free to pursue off-shoring the design and development of the software for the new product. Bert O’Brien, the Senior Engineering Manager, was completely free to design the mechanical system anyway that he wanted as long it meet the specifications. This level of autonomy enabled each member to focus on Self-Actualization as described by
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.i The team members were being pushed to achieve a very demanding goal and they were given the freedom to execute to the best of their ability.
Beaumont enabled the group to successfully achieve their goal by committing
$20M to the design, production and launch of the new product line. In 2008 the company’s revenue was $400M so a commitment of this size…...

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