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Meeting a New Prospect


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Meeting a New Prospect Jennifer Ikem February 10, 2015

TO: Beth-Ann Wiersma, English 2243 Professor
FROM: Jennifer Ikem, First Year Business Student
DATE: February 10, 2015
SUBJECT: Meeting a New Prospect
This report is to give you an insight into what you are to expect travelling to Nigeria to meet with a potential new supplier on behalf of our company. This report will enable understand the way business is carried out in Nigeria and how to interact successfully with the potential supplier to bag this deal.
Communication Styles
Nigerians are typically happy people and show a lot of enthusiasm when discussing about matters and also they like a third party to be involved in their discussions. Another crucial thing to know is asking about one’s family member’s welfare is a way to show how thoughtful you are and you are not all about yourself. When discussing with someone it is considered disrespectful gazing into their eyes. The appropriate way is to gaze at the forehead or shoulder level. Superiors and subordinates expect to be addressed with titles such as Mr. /Mrs. except if they say otherwise but close friends can be addressed by their first name.

Mode of Dressing
In Nigeria, physical appearance is of utmost is believed that your appearance is your visual resume and it tells a whole lot about you even before you utter a word.You should be dressed smartly and appropriately and also have well groomed hair. Although the mode of dressing depends on the type of job and office occupied. Exposing of tattoos or body piercings are frowned upon. (Centre for intercultural Learning, n.d.).
Nigeria is a multi-religious country and freedom of religion is been practiced and people expect their religious belief to be respected. In the Northern part of the country where strict Islamic law (Sharia) has been introduced, it is of utmost important to mind your language. (Centre for intercultural Learning, n.d.).
Nigeria has a variety of foods to choose from and different cultures have different foods that they are best known for but I must mention that foods in Nigeria are highly spicy so it might take a while for you to get used to most especially if you do not like spicy foods.
Nigerian has two seasons which are the dry and wet season. The dry season is accompanied by a dust laden air mass from the Sahara Desert, locally known as Harmattan, while the rainy season is heavily influenced by an air mass originating from the South Atlantic Ocean, locally known as the south west wind. Temperatures can go as high as 44 °C (111.2 °F) in some parts of Nigeria so please endeavour to take some cotton wears and some comfy flip flops. (Wikipedia, n.d.).
Time is of the essence when dealing with Nigerians. Time is so valuable to them most especially at meetings, church and school. Early notices should be passed on in case of an emergency or unforeseen circumstances failure to do that will tag you as an unserious and unprofessional person.
All in all I think I have been able to give you an idea of what to expect from your trip to Nigeria. Please kindly keep this in mind as it will be highly beneficial in doing business with the potential supplier which in turn will profit our company in the long run.
In conclusion, you might experience culture shock but I recommend you have an open mind towards this trip because you can learn a whole lot of things which will help advance your career in the long run.

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