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Meetings, Conventions

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Chapter Thirteen

Meetings, Conventions/Exhibitions, and Event Management

Key Teaching Elements/Chapter Outline

Historical Review Page Object.
|People have gathered for meetings for hundreds of years. Meeting purposes have been and are very |446 | |
|diverse. | | |
|Associations go back many centuries; they originated in the United States at the beginning of the 18th |446 | |
|century. Associations spend about $53.5 billion holding meetings and conventions that attract 22.6 | | |
|million attendees (approximately). | | |
|The hospitality and tourism industry consists of a number of associations. (These are listed on page |446 |1 |
|446 in the student text.) Associations offer the following benefits for members: government/political | | |
|voice, marketing avenues, member services, and networking. | | |

Types of Meetings
|Meetings are conferences, workshops, seminars, or other events designed to bring people together in |447 |2, 3 |
|order to exchange information. There are various forms that meetings can take – Clinic, Forum, Seminar,| | |
|Symposium, or Workshop. | | |
|Meetings are mostly organized by corporations, associations, social, military, educational, religious, |447 |2, 3 |
|and fraternal groups (SMERFs)....

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