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International Trade Theory
Chapter Outline

OPENING CASE: The Ecuadorian Rose Industry



The Benefits of Trade The Pattern of International Trade Trade Theory and Government Policy


Country Focus: Is China a Neo-Mercantilist Nation?



The Gains from Trade Qualifications and Assumptions Extensions of the Ricardian Model Country Focus: Moving U.S. White Collar Jobs Offshore


The Leontief Paradox


Evaluating the Product Life Cycle Theory


Increasing Product Variety and Reducing Costs Economies of Scale, First Mover Advantages and the Pattern of Trade Implications of New Trade Theory


Factor Endowments Demand Conditions Related and Supporting Industries Firm Strategy, Structure, Rivalry Evaluating Porter’s Theory Management Focus: The Rise of Finland’s Nokia


Location First-Mover Advantages Government Policy



CLOSING CASE: Trade in Information Technology and U.S. Economic Growth

Learning Objectives

1. Understand why nations trade with each other.

2. Be familiar with the different theories explaining trade flows between nations.

3. Understand why many economists believe that unrestricted free trade between nations will raise the economic welfare of all countries that participate in a free trade system.

4. Be familiar with the arguments of those who maintain that government can play a proactive role in promoting national competitive advantage in certain...

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