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| ABC, Inc. |
To: | Ms. Jane Doe | From: | Abigail Shearer | CC: | Learning Team A | Date: | March 23, 2015 | Re: | Group Communication Position | | |
I have prepared this memo to help you in your new position. I understand that you have limited experience in group communication. Group communication skills are essential for your new position. My teammates and I have discussed what skills and tips we have absorbed during our time at ABC, Inc. and hope to provide you with information and suggestions that will be useful in your transition.

A common barrier that exists in group communication is called bypassing. Basically, this is when different people interpret words and phrases differently. Sometimes the meaning of a word or phrase may seem completely obvious to you and you may assume that other people will interpret the meaning the same way. Very often, however, this is not the case. For example, you may tell someone that the department’s account has been “seriously overdrawn.” Of course, you know what you mean by “seriously overdrawn” but somebody else would not be able to interpret what you mean by “seriously.” You must always make sure that you use very clear, specific language. Be sure that you reiterate and clarify what you mean.

Another common barrier that can occur in group communication is called an allness statement. These are essentially untrue generalizations. To state “women are smarter than men” is an example of an allness statement. This statement may be convenient, but it is an untrue generalization. Allness statements can be particularly dangerous because you can start to truly believe them, which can cause you to prejudge people unfairly based on these inaccurate generalizations. Be sure that you do not overgeneralize when speaking with your group to avoid the inconvenience associated with allness...

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