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To: John Smith, Instructor Communication 2200
From: Jane Doe, Student
Date: August 25, 2014
Subject: Proposal for Course Project

This memo gives the details for my proposed course project for Communication 2200.

With gas prices at an all time high during this year, a lot of individuals are looking for alternatives to gasoline powered transportation. Many people are turning towards diesel and electric powered cars in order to save money. Some larger engine automobiles such as V8 cylinder engines get as low as 12-15 miles per gallon.

I have decided to analyze three different highly recommended, fuel saving automobiles. By researching how much it will cost to buy and maintain three different automobiles, I can determine which automobile will be the best purchase for me. I am interested in this subject not only because I am a student in ASCC’s Automotive program, but also because I am considering purchasing a new vehicle. My family is a one-car family, and the vehicle I purchase will be our family’s primary form of transportation.

My audience is the average American car buyer. Average Americans are more interested than ever in fuel economy. They want to know if the best type of vehicle to purchase for transportation – a gasoline, diesel, or electric powered automobile.
Topics to be Investigated

In this study I plan to cover these points.

1. Which car is the best to use and why? What are the benefits/negatives of each type? 2. What is the average purchase price for each type of car (gasoline, diesel, electric)? 3. How much it will cost to power each car per day, month, per year if driven a specific number of miles? 4. What kind of maintenance is required for each type of car? 5. What will the total cost be for using and maintaining each type of car for twelve months?

Limitations on this project include the types of powering methods used for each automobile. For the purpose of this project, I will study the cost of Regular Unleaded gasoline, Regular Diesel fuel, and Regular Electric 110 volt outlet plug-in recharge. No other types of fuels such as higher octane diesel and gasoline will be included for the purpose of the project. Another limitation will be the number of miles used for calculating expenses. I will be calculating the cost based on the average miles per gallon for each car. Finally, because the price of gasoline is volatile, I will base costs on the actual prices from the same service station on a specific day.
Research Methods

In addition to Internet research, I plan to read articles published in automotive journals and trade publications as well as consumer magazines targeted toward general consumers (such as Consumer Reports). I plan on interviewing my Automotive instructors at Akron State about the three different types of vehicles and, if possible, owners or service technicians who have experience with the three types of cars. It may be difficult to find owners of each type of car who would be willing to be interview subjects, but my instructors at Akron State have said that they can refer me to people who own each type of car.
Work Schedule

Semester Week | Activity | 2 and 3 | Select project topic – do preliminary research on the InternetWrite and submit project proposalDevelop a checklist of activities to complete the project | 4 | Review automotive journals and trade publications for information on car types, maintenance costs, MPG, etc.Research vehicle prices by visiting dealers | 5 | Continue journal and trade publication reviewsSchedule interviews with Automotive instructors and others | 6 through 11 | Summarize journal and trade publication articlesConduct interviewsBegin work on rough draft | 12 | Revise rough draftGo over checklist and timeline | 13 | Submit draft and develop.Work on oral presentation | 14 | Submit finalized report for grading | 15 | Practice oral presentation | 16 | Give oral presentation |

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