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Memo Regarding Recruitment

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To: | Larry Page, CEOSergey Brin, Co-FounderEric E. Schmidt, Executive Chairman | From: | Human Resources | CC: | L. John Doerr, Board MemberDiane B. Greene, Board MemberJohn L. Hennessy, Lead Independent DirectorAnn Mather, Board MemberAlan R. Mulally, Board MemberPaul S. Otellini, Board MemberK. Ram Shriram, Board MemberShirley M. Tilgham, Board MemberDavid C. Drummond, Senior Vice President, Corporate DevelopmentOmid Kordestani, Senior Vice President, CBOPatrick Pichette, Senior Vice President, CFO | Date: | May 24, 2015 | Re: | Recruitment and Employee Selection |
I am writing to you all today to discuss the issue at hand regarding employee recruitment and selection. In our last meeting we discussed the current higher-level open positions and the best way for them to be filled. There are pros and cons to both internal and external recruitment, which are outlined below. Once the board has reviewed these findings please advise the human resources team on how you would like us to proceed. * Thanks to our organizational culture we attract millions of applications every year and have our choice of some of the nations top external candidates in our job market. However, it is time consuming and therefore costly for the company to manually go through each of these applicants. If choosing to recruit externally utilizing a third-party recruitment agency to narrow down the candidates could save us time and energy. * If opting for external recruitment, we need to also consider the cost of advertising our open positions. An incentive program for employees to refer candidates for open positions is also a possibility to consider. * One perk of recruiting externally is bringing in fresh candidates with fresh ideas that could refresh the office and our departments brainstorming and development. * Internal recruitment and promoting from within is...

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