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Memoirs of a Gesha

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Memoirs of a Geisha
Sonya Campbell
Douglas McCoy

The selected movie is the memoirs of a geisha. I chose this movie due to the nature of the personal relationships defined with in the movie. When looking at the cultural differences in this movie I have observed (even though it was staged in the time of WWII) that the lifestyle and the concept of a geisha actually still exist in today’s society just down played some. Socially the strictness of the Japanese society and their behaviors has been imbedded through centuries upon centuries of heritage. Respect plays a major role in their society, and this carries over throughout the whole collective from menial relationships to family to business to government. Throughout history the Japanese culture has been said to be superior to our own, recognized through their intelligence and their strict standards for organization in business as well as family values. To be Japanese to is to be very proud of your lineage, to be cultured and well bread, even in the movie the geisha had to receive proper training in etiquette and due to her embedded upbringing of trying to be the best that you can be she became a world renowned geisha. This is so very true of the Japanese people of today as well. Educational excellence is very important to them and because of this we will see that they are leading scholars in whatever expertise that they commit to. The Japanese are also very honorable and live their life accordingly. This makes them very strong people.

I have had the chance to go to Tokyo Japan and found it a culture shock. Besides the language barrier, the dining experience was overwhelming, trying different types of things that not only could I not read to pronounce but at times prayed that my friend was being honest about what...

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