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Memorry and Power Supply Instalation

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Install Basic Components 1. Identify the DIMM module(s) for your PC. Manufacturer: Crucial Model #: CT51264BA160BJ Size (GB): 4GB Manufacturer: WD Model #: WD300GB Size (GB): 300GB

2. List the steps for installing the DIMM module(s): 1. Unpack memory module 2. Find bank memory 0 3. Pull back on both end of the memory bank to ensure they are open 4. Align the notch at the bottom of the memory module with the one on the memory bank 5. Ensure both ends of the memory module are in the edge slots of the memory bank 6. Push down gently until you hear the memory clip in and you are done. 7. 8. 9. 10. 3. Explain the sensation that you received to verify that the RAM was properly seated within the Motherboard? I heard a clipping noise as if something had locked something in. 4. Explain the functionality and significance of the DIMM module(s). DIMM has 64 bits of transfer rate and its prone to less errors.

5. Please After installing the memory module on the motherboard, you need to verify if the BIOS detects the memory. In order to do that, boot the system and enter the BIOS set up according to the instructions that came with the processor. On the ‘Main’ tab of the BIOS set up, you will see an option called ‘System Memory’ or ‘Installed Memory’. Please verify that the memory you have installed matches the memory detected on the screen and note down your observations below.
If the memory is not detected or doesn’t match the installed memory, then troubleshoot any memory installation problems. I seen several boxes for different item from the PC like the CD, Hard drive and Memory. Clicked on the memory and it brought a screen up with the size and speed of the memory.

6. Make a note of all the problems you encountered, if any, while installing the DIMM module(s). None 7. List...

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