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Memory Project: Application to Learning and Study Habits
Learning to tie shoes and ride a bike requires the encoding, storing, and retrieving of past observations of the procedure. With a lot of practice, children master these skills so well that they are able to remember them the rest of their lives. We use our memory about the past to help us understand the present. The study or memory in psychology is used in different ways, as well as there are many different ways to study how memory works in humans. In psychology there are many tasks used to measure memory and different types of memory storages that human's use, such as sensory storing, or short term storing. There are also a lot of techniques that humans use to improve their memory, which they can use to learn, such as mnemonic devices. All these things can be classified as important issues in the study of human memory and ways of learning.
Storing information is essential in Learning. To store information that can be used for later use, such as tying ones shoelace, is very important for humans. Information being stored can be stored in three different memory capacities we have: sensory memory, short-term memory, or long-term memory. In sensory memory, the human holds sensory information for a brief period after the physical stimulus is no longer available. An example of this may be looking at flash cards to study. Someone looks at different flash cards for a short period of time, and so, the image of the flash cards stay stored in the memory for only a short time. This means that people see more objects than they are able to recall immediately after they see them all. In everyday life, we use this when we meet people, and try to remember their names, we hear their name for an instance, and unless we use tactics to move this information to our short-term memory, we will only remember it for an...

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