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Men and Women in the Workplace

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Men and Women in the Workplace All across American there are millions of people that go to work each day to earn a living. In recent years, the amount of money that we are bringing home is not nearly as much as we have been paid in the past due to the national recession the United States is experiencing. When looking at specific careers, there still seems to be some discrepancies in the pay for a man versus a woman. Despite what the average American income is, men are currently making a higher salary than women in the same career field because of different standards set for each gender. According to the latest census statistics, United States women still earned only seventy-seven cents on the male dollar in 2008 (Fitzpatrick 2008). That is as recent at five years ago that women were still not making the same as men. Decades ago when women were fighting for their rights and equalities, they never would have thought we would still be experiencing these difficulties into the 21st century. A lot of careers are limited to women in general because of the gender bias that they place on that specific career role. Some of the most common jobs for college-educated women include teaching and nursing, careers that are known for their lower pay. Where as a man who has the same college degree can go on to be a business executive or scientist and earn a dramatically different pay. There are some women that do opt for a more male dominated career field. In those fields in particular they make significantly less money than men. An example, female truck drivers earn seventy-six percent of the weekly pay of their male counterparts (Fitzpatrick 2008). Even when considered to have the same amount of education and the same amount of experience in the field, statistics are still noticing a difference of income. One of the things mentioned as for a reason as to why the...

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