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Men vs. Women

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Men vs. Women
Who has it Tougher? Who really has it tougher? Men and Women both have differences, but what makes one better than the other? If we had the opportunity to, I'd argue that both men and women have it the same, but we couldn't 'teeter-totter' between the two. So, I gave this topic a much deeper thought and I came to conclusion that the women really do have it harder than us men. If you think about it, women are so picky on their appearances, they also have way more work to do than the men, and finally, they have to deal with giving birth. To start off, I believe that the media plays a huge role in how women view themselves. In magazines and ads you see all sorts of models having the "perfect body" and a lot of women look up to these models. This is also why women work so hard to look good. It's like a competition that is impossible to win. There are times where I would get really annoyed by my mom because she would ask me and my dad things like "do I look fine?", and I would reply with a compliment saying "you look great!" . But it never works! She would reply back saying "No, it doesn't look good" or "No, it doesn’t match" and she would go back into the bathroom or her bedroom and change into a totally new outfit. Sometimes this process would even repeat, which would drive me nuts! When going to a special occasion, women take forever and I loathe this kind thing that the women have a habit of doing! We men have it easy; we aren't as picky as the ladies are and we are always aloof on our looks. Women make things too complicated! Furthermore, women also do way more work than us men. After a hard day of work during the day, they also have work to do at home. Things like household chores or cooking for the family. On top of that, the women are usually the ones who have to help their children with things like homework or...

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