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Picture a crowded hallway in your school between classes. People are rushing to class, locker doors are being flung open and slammed shut, and a girl is opening the door to the Girls' room.
Now freeze on that mental picture. Which of the following choices is a good description of you in that picture?

I'm the girl going into the Girls' room, and I'm giving my friend a look across the hall that means, "Ugh - I'm going to change my pad (or tampon), and I'll see you later." I've got cramps, and right now I can't remember why I ever wished for my period to come in the first place.
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I'm the one looking wistfully at my friend, wondering when my period is going to come, if ever! It seems like I've been waiting for months, my supplies are all ready, I know exactly what it's all about, so when am I going to catch up?!

I'm the guy standing at his locker a few feet from the Girls' room door. I understand most things about puberty, and I know that girls get their period and that's why they have to make more trips to the Girls' room and stuff, but it's still a little foggy in my mind. Do they know it's coming? Can they bleed too much? Does it feel weird?

Chances are you can recognize yourself in choices a, b, or c - or some combination of the three. Menstruation (or a period, as it's often called) represents a major stage of puberty in girls; it's one of the many physical signs that a girl is turning into a woman. And like a lot of the other changes associated with puberty, menstruation can be confusing for girls (and guys). Some girls can't wait to start their period, while others may feel afraid or anxious. Others worry that they may never get it. Many teens of either gender don't have a complete understanding of a woman's reproductive system or what actually happens during the menstrual cycle - making the process seem even more…...

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