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Mental Health Observation Report

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For my mental health independent rotation, I did my rotations at hotdogs for homeless, City rescue mission and May club AA meeting. The mental health rotations was quite unique for me as it was my first time experiencing something unique like this. Before I started doing my rotations, I was very scared of how this would go, I had many negative thoughts about completing the rotations. I am usually very quiet towards strangers and I take time to start a conversation, so I wondered if I could do any help to the people I meet.
I started off my rotations with hot dogs for homeless, I was looking forward to how this experience would be. It was on a Sunday and I had to miss church to attend this experience. I made sure I went with a friend because since it was an unfamiliar place. We started off my dividing chores
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We worked as a team as one stuffed the hotdog another wrapped, leading other group to place them in bags and get it ready to distribute. Once we were done with the packing, we left to an area in downtown where the bags are distributed. When we arrived there, we could see that many homeless people were gathered waiting for their meals. It really took me by surprise by the number of people. They looks very malnourished, cold and looked very happy to see us there. While talking to others I came to realize that since this program has been running for long that, they are always on time and waits for the volunteers to arrive. First we distributed the bags to the residents which gave us opportunity to talk to them, as it was a one on one approach. The residents were so glad to talk to me, they

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