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Mental Health and Violence

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Neuroscience has long fascinated Psychologists as they look for explanations into mental health issues, aspiring to understand the relationship between the human mind and behaviour. The purpose of this essay is to address the issues of misperceptions in the link between mental health problems and violence. It will be argued that various factors contribute to violent behaviour while noting the limitations in studies which contribute to mental health labelling. A summary of the categorisation in positive and negative psychological health will be reviewed, followed by examining any relationship between violent behaviour and emotional well-being. A discussion of the academic findings around this relationship will be explored while identifying and discussing the various external factors that contribute to the risk of committing violence.

There are two main organisations that have produced clarifications of mental disorders which are used throughout Western culture, Chapter V of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) which was constructed by the World Health Organisation and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-S) constructed by the American Psychiatric Association; however concepts of mental disorder vary depending on culture and country. The World Health Organisation and National Surveys report there is no single agreement in the classification of mental illness and phrasing depends on the social, cultural, economic and legal context (Scheffler, 2002). There has been an inconclusive debate about the criteria for defining mental illness and which conditions should be included, however little evidence indicates clear differences between mental functioning and brain functioning (Office of the Surgeon General, 1999). An agreement is in the way judgements are made and declared, including what is considered normal in which...

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