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Mental Health in the Work Place

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------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Mental Health in the Work place

------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Ellen Blewett

------------------------------------------------- Human Resource Management

------------------------------------------------- University of Portsmouth

------------------------------------------------- 2011

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... Psychological disorders at work place …. (Mental Illness) Mental well-being at work is an idea that still lacks a proper and clear definition. Many documents reflect the complexity of this concept, which usually views stress and the risk of occupational burnout as the typical results of poor mental working conditions. Some professions are more vulnerable than others. It is true, as the research in many countries shows, that professionals such as lawyers, social workers, teachers or secretaries have a higher risk of depression, and workers in health services and farmers have a higher risk of suicide. One tends to focus on the “dark side of the moon”, sometimes forgetting that work could and should be a source of personal growth and satisfaction. Experts working on the psychological disorder at work place for Mental Health and Well-being, state that the workplace can provide a healthy culture and environment that is psychologically supportive to the workforce. It also helps to promote the social inclusion of people with mental health problems, providing an income allowing them to more fully participate in society On the other hand, mental health influences the quality of work performance. Poor mental health, especially depression, results in higher absenteeism rates, lower productivity and problems with making decisions. In some extreme cases, a mental condition could be dangerous for co-workers and/or......

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...Didion University of Phoenix The burden of mental illness in the United States is among the highest of all diseases, and mental disorders are among the most common causes of disability. The first goal of this paper is the examination of the vulnerable population of the mentally ill. Second, this paper will review the goals and agenda of Healthy People 2020 as it applies to mental illness. Third, this paper will review my work place assessment for barriers for the care and treatment of mentally ill patients. Finally, this paper will review a short presentation I gave to co-workers in an effort to aid in better treatment for the mentally ill. Recent figures suggest that in 2004, approximately 1 in 4 adults in the United States had had a mental health disorder in the past year, most commonly anxiety or depression ("Healthy People 2020 ", n.d.).. It is estimated that only about 17% of U.S. adults are considered to be in a state of optimal mental health ("Healthy People 2020 ", n.d.). An estimated 26% of Americans age 18 and older are living with a mental health disorder in any given year, and 46% will have a mental health disorder over the course of their lifetime ("Healthy People 2020 ", n.d.). Mental health disorders often have a serious impact on physical health and are associated with the prevalence, progression, and outcome of some of today’s most pressing chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Mental health disorders can have harmful and......

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... February 16, 2009 In today’s world there are places that still uses force as a means of treatment or punishment for the mentally ill. The patients are chained down, sexually assaulted and beaten. Whatever society thinks of mental illness this type of treatment has to stop. Once we have educated ourselves on mental illness, we can begin to have a better understanding of those people who suffer from these types of diseases. If we look to the past we can see where we went wrong and correct those mistakes. Mental illness is something that can be traced throughout history. By looking back over the past of mental illness we see that there were infinite numbers of mistakes made a long way. We cannot allow those same mistakes to take place again. By breaking the cycle and avoid those same mistakes we can build a better future for the mentally ill. This is why I believe it is important to study the past of mental illness. Evidence indicates that Mental illness can be traced as far back as the early Egyptians. What we know today about mental illness is far different then what early Egyptians believed. The early Egyptians believed that all diseases had some type of physical affect on the body as well as the mind. The Egyptians did not differentiate between mental and physical illness. They did believe that the heart was the cause of mental illness. During the time of early Egypt, many believed that the cause of mental illness was from some type of loss usually money or......

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Relevance of Psychology to the Business Operator administrators or managers? If yes justify your answer and if no justify your answer. Yes, psychology is of relevance to business administrators or managers. Psychology was coined in the 16th century from 2 Greek words. Psukhe/psyche which means “breath” or “soul” and logos which means “word” or “reason” and its initial meaning was “study of the soul”. Later the definition changed to “science of mental life” when it became a science in 1879. Also in the 1920s it was commonly defined as “the scientific study of behavior”. From the 1960s till date it has taken a broader definition “the science of behavior and mental processes. Psychology also refers to the application or usage of understanding knowledge and skills to a number of areas of human activity, involving issues concerning with daily activities such as education, events, people and their task, employment, association, relationship as well as the treatment of mental-health problems. Importance of psychology Psychology is important as it is concerned with the study of behavior and mental processes and at the same time, it is also applied to many different areas of human life. Everything we do is very much related to psychology. Psychology primarily studies who and what we are, why we are like that, why we act and think like that and finally how we can improve ourselves. Psychology is important in many different ways. For example, there have been a large number of studies......

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...A person with a mental disability can act uncontrollably at times, causing them to commit a crime. In the United States, people with mental illnesses have been confined in jails and prisons between 1770 and 1820. Incarcerating such people was considered inhumane, so mentally ill people were placed into hospitals instead of jails up until 1970. Ever since the 1970s, people with mental disorders are being imprisoned for their crimes(Torrey). America once considered incarcerating the mentally ill to be inhumane, but then they suddenly changed their mind and have considered it to be legal. Ever since the 1970s, numbers of imprisoned people with mental illnesses has exponentially increased, “In 2012, there were estimated to be 356,268 inmates with severe mental illness in prisons and jails. There were also approximately 35,000 patients with severe mental illness in state psychiatric hospitals”(Torrey). There is approximately ten...

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...Briefly Discuss DSM IV and ICD 10 and list the main categories of clinical disorders. The paper will discuss the main dangers of classification identified as labelling and Stigma which have lifelong implications for those diagnosed with a mental illness. The main advantages of classification such as most appropriate treatment and community education Definition of the Classification system used to Diagnosis Mental illness. As Social workers it important to try and grasp the concepts of how classification of mental illness is arrived at and to have a basic knowledge of the types of mental disorders people can be classified as having so we can understand the basis of a diagnosis. According Mendelson (2001) “Classification refers to ordering of objects into groups on the basis of their relationship. The result is a classificatory system. Nomenclature related to agreed names that have been assigned to disease or syndromes. Taxonomy covers principles and methods underlying the practice of classification. Finally, nosology denotes the conceptual system that supports the strategy of classifying.” ( Mendelson 2001 p. 63) Golightley (2004) text states that classification is an important step towards the diagnosis of a mental disorder. Mental disorder is broken down into various classifications that represent groups or syndromes of symptoms. Thus if a series of symptoms fits into a recognised pattern of behaviour they can be classified as for example, schizophrenia and a......

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