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Mental Homelessness

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Mental Illness and Homelessness When most people hear the term, "homeless" they more than likely initially think of the physical hardships of being without a home. If you're homeless, where do you sleep? What do you do without a bathroom, or a shower? How do you live without all of the everyday possessions most people take for granted, like a toothbrush or a comb or a child's beloved stuffed animal?
Most People, however, do not consider the effects being homeless can have on a person's mental health. The stress that they endure and the depression that can overwhelm become secondary to their physical and material trials and tribulations. However, the mental effects are just as important, affecting the mind that is ultimately the powerhouse and control center for the body.
Being mentally ill does not occur as a result of being homeless. Mental illness may just be more prominent among the homeless. Most people are mentally ill before they become homeless and are affected by their respective symptoms before they're out on the streets. Oftentimes as a result of their mental illness they are unable to keep up with their bills or take care of themselves. This is what leads to their being homeless. If someone was living in a home and seeing a doctor, then their symptoms could be under control. After becoming homeless, since they can't afford to see a doctor, their mental illness could surface more readily.
Over 40 years have passed since many psychiatric institutions in the United States were closed in response to civil rights concerns of the political left and cost-containment imperatives from the right, with the advent of improved therapeutic alternatives for many individuals with severe mental illness. But the promise of creating adequate community-based, outpatient mental health services has not been kept, particularly for many of the sickest and poorest of the…...

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