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Menu Planning

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Unit Title: Menu Planning and Product Development

Unit Code: Y/601/1762

Session/Year: Sept 2013 Assessment No: 01

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|Outcomes Assessed |Possible evidence |Assessor Feedback |Criteria Met or|IV Agreed or Not |Comments |
| | | |Not | | |
|LO1 Understand factors that influence menu planning decisions |
|1.1 Discuss the |different principles of recipe | | | | |
|principles of recipe |development such as creativity; cookery| | | | |
|development |styles; nutritional composition; | | | | |
| |consistency of product; methods e.g. | | | | |
| |fresh commodities, prepared foods, call| | | | |
| |order; timing etc. | | | | |
|1.2 Assess factors…...

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