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Merchant Banking

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BA 958 MERCHANT BANKING ANF FINANCIAL SERVICES Syllabus UNIT- 1 Introduction – An Overview of Indian Financial System – Merchant Banking in India –Recent Developments and Challenges ahead – Institutional structure – Functions of Merchant Banking – Legal and Regulatory Frameworks- Relevant Provisions of Companies Act- SERA-SEBI guidelines- FEMA etc. – Relation with stock Exchanges and OTCEI UNIT II - ISSUE MANAGEMENT Role of Merchant Banking in Appraisal of projects, Designing Capital Structures and Instruments – Issue Pricing Pricing- Preparation of prospectus selection of bankers, Advertising Consultants etc. – Role of Registrars –Underwriting Arrangements. Dealing with Bankers to the Issue, Underwriters, Registrars, and Brokers. –Offer for sale – Book- Building – Green Shoe Option –E –IPO Private Placement- Bought out Deals –Placement with FIs, MFs, FIIs, etc. offShore Issues. – Issue Marketing – Advertising Strategies-NRI Marketing- Post Issue Activities. UNIT III - OTHER FEE BASED MANAGEMENT Mergers and Acquisitions – Portfolio Management Services – Credit Syndication – Credit Rating – Mutual Funds – Business Valuation. UNIT IV - FUND BASED FINANCIAL SERVICES Leasing and Hire Purchasing – Basics of Leasing and Hire Purchasing – Financial Evaluation – Tax Implication. UNIT V - OTHER FUND BASED FINANCIAL SERVICES Consumer Credit – Credit Cards- Real Estate Financing – Bills Discounting – Recent Developments in Factoring and Forfeiting – Venture Capital. REFERENCES 1. M.Y.Khan, ‗Financial Services‘ – Tata McGraw –Hill, 3 rd Edition, 2005. 2. Machiraju, ‗ Indian Financial System ‗- Vikas Publishing House, 2 nd Edition, 2002. 3. J.C.Verma, ‗ A Manual of Merchant Banking ‗, Bharath Publishing House, New Delhi, 2001. 4. K.Sriram, ‗Hand Book of Leasing, Hire Purchase & Factoring‘, ICFAI, Hyderabad, 1992. 5. Economic Dailies, Relevant Publication of AMFS. 6. Bhalla....

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Merchant Banking

...of INVESTMENT portfolios. Merchant banks also advise on (and INVEST own funds in) acquisitions, mergers, and takeovers. In the US, a merchant account provider is sometimes called a merchant bank. The Notification of the Ministry of Finance defines merchant banker as ³Any person who is engaged in the business of issue management either by making arrangements regarding selling, buying or subscribing to securities as manager-consultant, advisor or rendering corporate advisory services in relation to such issue management. In the words of Skully A Merchant Bank could be best defined as a financial institution conducting money market activities and lending, underwriting and financial advice, and INVESTMENTservices whose organization is characterized by a high proportion of professional staff able to able to approach problems in an innovative manner and to make and implement decisions rapidly. A merchant bank differs from a regular investment bank as it generally deals in the commercial banking requirements of international finance as well as stock underwriting and long-term corporate loans. A merchant bank is known as a wholesale bank and isn't used by the general public. Most merchant banks deal with large corporations as well as with other merchant banks, large financial institutions and, sometimes, various governments around the world. Merchant banks are not like ordinary bank where individuals can open up accounts by making deposits. At birth, Bangladesh inherited an......

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Merchant Banking

...A PROJECT REPORT ON ANALYSIS OF MERCHANT BANKING IN INDIA SUBMITTED TO:Ms. Kavya Saini Submitted by:Kapil Baheti MBA 08/1808 2010 2012 A PROJECT REPORT ON ANALYSIS OF MERCHANT BANKING IN INDIA Department of commerce, kurukshetra University Kurukshetra ( Haryana) Under The Supervision Of :Mrs. Kavya Saini Submitted by:Kapil Baheti ] A PROJECT REPORT ON ³ANALYSIS OF MERCHANT BANKING IN INDIA´ Under The Supervision Of: - Submitted by:- Mrs. Kavya mam Kapil Baheti SUBMITTED TO:- International School of Infomatics & Management CONTENTS Sr.No. Page No. y y y y Chapter I Preface Guide Certificate Declaration Acknowledgement Introduction (Conceptual Framework) y y y y y Chapter II Chapter III Introduction Significance of the study Merchant Banking in India Focus of the Study Conceptualization literature Review Objective &Methodology y y y y Objective of the study Research design Sample size & Technique Data collection (Primary & Secondary) Chapter IV Data Presentation & Analysis Chapter V Implications & Conclusions Chapter VI Bibliography PREFACE The research studies are of a great help in enhancing the knowledge of a person. Practical knowledge is a suffix to theoretical knowledge. Classroom lecturers clarify the fundamental concepts of management. But classroom lectures must be correlated with the practical research situation. It is...

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...An article on Merchant Banking in Bangladesh: A Case Study on Prime Finance & Investment Ltd Abstract Prime Finance & Investment Limited has been running its merchant banking operations for about fourteen years. In this short period of time it has gained great momentum and expanding at a fascinating rate. However, the growth can be best evaluated by considering the financial factors as well as its operations. Capital market of Bangladesh is yet to play its potential role as a vehicle for financing long term investment. However, the hangover of an unpalatable historical past which saw a dramatic upsurge in the second half of 1996 only to be followed by a drastic and prolonged downswing has been successfully overcome. Discernible signs of renewed vitality have emerged. A number of actions have been considered by strategists to add depth to the market. Merchant banking, these days has been showing the path to achieve these goals. Although the concept is not too old in this country, its potential of meeting diverse challenges of capital market is high. This report emphasizes on the operations of Merchant Banking Division of Prime Finance & Investment Limited. It is aimed to achieve an overview on the operations of this division and measure how effective and efficient it has been in its working process. Keyword Prime Finance & Investment Limited, Merchant Banking, CDBL, DSE, SEC, TESA Merchant Banking Merchant banking is an emergent sector in the......

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...Paypal Has Company 1. What is the value proposition that PayPal offers consumers? How about merchants? The value offered to consumers is an electronic payment system for making online purchases that is free to use, without having to reveal their specific banking information to online sellers. PayPal is giving consumers a more convenient and trusted way to shop, as well as send or receive funds via instant transfer. PayPal offers merchants the ability to accept online payments without having to set up a merchant account, which is cost-effective especially for small businesses. It also gives them a level of fraud protection and security, quick access to funds, and the ability to do international transactions. 2. What are some of the risks of using PayPal when compared to credit cards and debit cards? Once the funds are withdrawn from the consumer bank account they cannot be recovered which could create a potential loss if they do not receive the good or service from the merchant. Credit cards offer more built-in fraud protection and a $50 maximum liability. “With PayPal, you may or may not receive you: money back, depending on whether PayPal can receive its money back, and a host of other conditions” (Laudon & Traver, 2009, p. 327). 3. What strategies would you recommend that PayPal pursue in order to maintain its growth over the next five years? PayPal needs to address their security issues if they wish to continue to grow. PayPal became known......

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...33 Innovation and disruption in U.S. merchant payments Innovation and disruption in U.S. merchant payments The U.S. merchant payments landscape is undergoing a period of rapid, technology-driven change. Mobile, online and social technologies are revolutionizing consumer access to information and sparking demand for new services that can support multichannel commerce, big data analytics, enhanced loyalty programs and targeted advertising. Consumers use the new tools to move dynamically between computer, mobile device and in-store experiences while shopping. For merchants, these cross-channel “journeys” create opportunities to integrate business-to-consumer (B2C) sales channels and to leverage generated data to understand consumer behavior. To capitalize on this opportunity, merchants need payments solutions that integrate adjacent business services and enable new functionalities that enhance loyalty programs and advertising performance. Robert Byrne Jason Hanson For payments and non-payments companies, new merchant services are attractive areas for growth. For payments companies, revenues from new merchant services could double today’s market in traditional merchant acquiring and transaction processing. For non-payments players, new services represent a major step toward closing the loop between investments in advertising and loyalty programs and consumers’ ultimate purchasing decisions. At the same time, cloud computing is lowering the barriers to......

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