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Merger Memo

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Merger Memo
JaDarius Stewart
February 10, 2014
Michael Curtis

Merger Memo
In this memo will discuss the importance of communication within the company, and the impact of organizational culture on products and services. We will also talk about organizational behavior and how it affects quality, competition, and human relations. We are also going to learn how job design, work processes, and performance expectations can affect organizational outcomes.
The Importance of Communication In order for our company to succeed in this merger, the key factor is going to be communication. Communication must take place at all levels of the spectrum within our organization. We must embrace change and it will be brought about through communication. We build the success of our organization by exchanging our ideas, thoughts and emotions. Each employee’s has a wealth of information, and we encourage our employees to participate in sharing their thoughts and ideas. There may be times where we will encounter conflict, but with good communication we will get through our conflicts. This organization considers your ideas and opinions important and we will arrive at an agreed-upon meaning.
As an employee, what you have to say whether it is an opinion, a decision or a course of action – it matters to this organization. Staff meetings will be observed in an effort to improve communication within all areas of our organization. Staff meetings can be information sharing, exploratory or problem solving depending upon the issue at hand. Each meeting’s goal will be clearly outlined so that everyone is well informed about the purpose of the meeting. Depending upon the type meeting – an agenda is expected.
Impact on Product and Service
We face difficult challenges in the weeks and months ahead in the merging of our two great companies. Let us not...

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