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Metamorphasis of Video Games

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Cleveland-Joel Wilcox
Prof. Danelski
Engl 102-20
November 16, 2012
The Metamorphosis of the Video Game
Part I – What I Want to Know and Why I have played video games since I was seven years-old and I have watched it evolve over the years. My father started me off with my first video game system, which was the Super Nintendo. Although the system played off video game cartridges, which were inserted through the top of it, it was very advanced for its time. My siblings and I would play the game Mario Kart for hours on end – with my father joining us every so often. I noticed as months and years went by, that newer systems with better games and better graphics started to come out. The Gameboy Color, which came out in 1998, was the first handheld gaming device that I had the liberty to enjoy playing. Since GameBoy Colors were one of the first handheld videogame systems, making them very expensive, it was rare for kids to have them, so I was one of the lucky few who owned a GameBoy Color. As we moved toward the beginning of the 21st century, newer and sleeker versions of almost every videogame system slowly came out. Sony started out with the PlayStation, which turned into the PlayStation 2. The PlayStation 2 later evolved into the PlayStation 3, which had the technological advancements of an updated hard drive, wireless internet, Bluetooth capabilities, blue ray, Wi-Fi, and wireless motion detected controllers. Microsoft designed its own video game system that would later rival the PlayStation. The company came out with the Xbox in late 2001, which would then be upgraded into the Xbox 360 only a few years later. Videogames have advanced so much over the turn of the century. We have progressed at a rate that it is almost incomprehensible. Memory chips that were as big as today’s laptops are now microchips, thousands of times smaller, which are now used in the latest...

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