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This chapter illustrates the methodology used in this survey.

1. Research design 2.1 Quantitative analysis

To find out the disparity in traditional media and new media or the characters of new media from the perspective of quantitative analysis have become the direction which most scholars study at present (Lu, 2009:1). Net-news credibility constitutes the primary factor influencing on the efficiency of net-news spread, but accurate quantitative measurement is out of essential importance, especially in China.

Generally speaking, it is the respondents that determine the most appropriate method. Every research method has its superiority and inferior position (Babbie, 2004:112). According to Schroder et al. (2003: 205), quantitative analysis is often used to investigate "individual style and identity issues". In order to understand and explore audiences’ attitude and opinion to online news, quantitative analysis will be applied to this research.

2.2 Selection method

2.3.1 Interview or questionnaire?
Questionnaire is one of the basic tools for quantitative analysis. According to Hansen, Cottle, Negrine and Newbold (1998:225-227), Questionnaire can be used to ‘collect data about current attitudes and opinions’ and to identify ‘who takes up these media and why’. The data that collected from a population of respondents can be used to ‘support to, or to negate hypotheses or propositions’, and sometimes only provide common information on ‘existing or changing patterns of behavior ’ (Hansen, Cottle, Negrine and Newbold, 1998:225).
With respect to the interview, questionnaire has higher efficiency, and it can greatly save time, money and human operation (Lu, 2009: 21-22). What is more, the anonymous survey can reduce respondent’s psychological pressure, in order to collect more real information (Lu, 2009:21). Besides, this...

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